Practical English: Describing a process

Practical English: Describing a process Espresso English

How to build a website using Wordpress


These days, building a website is easier than ever – and you don’t need to be a technical whiz! Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a website with Wordpress.

First, purchase a domain name and a hosting package from a provider such as GoDaddy. The domain name is your “address” on the internet, so you should choose a name that is easy to remember and reflects the content of your site. The web hosting, which is the amount of space you “rent” on the provider’s server, costs only a few dollars per month.

Once you’ve purchased the domain name and hosting plan, download and install the Wordpress software. Wordpress is a free, open-source program that is developed by a global community of volunteers. It is used for everything from personal websites to blogs by Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi and Nikon.

Having installed Wordpress, the next step is to log in to the administrative area and choose a template, which is the design for your site. You can choose among various layout and color options.

Next, customize the template with your website’s name and logo. Tweak the design until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Then, you can install plugins, which are small add-on programs that can enhance your site’s functionality. For example, you can use plugins to display related posts and track your site’s stats.

After that, post your content – the text and images that provide the important information on your site. You can also post audio and embed video.

Finally, you can spread the word: tell your friends and colleagues about your site, share it on social media networks, print it on your business cards, and welcome visitors to your new site!



whiz = an expert, a person who is very good at a particular activity

server = a central computer that organizes resources for other computers on the network

open-source = a program that is free for everybody to use, copy, change, and distribute

layout = the organization or configuration of a space (like a house) or something visual (like a website or magazine)

tweak = make small changes

enhance = improve

functionality = ability to do things

stats = short for “statistics” – information about how many people visit the site, how many pages they view, etc.

spread the word = communicate something to a lot of people


Words for describing a process:

  • First,
  • Once (action 1), (action 2)
  • Having (action 1), the next step is (action 2)
  • Next,
  • Then,
  • Finally,

First and Finally are used to describe the first and last steps in the process. The others can be used in any order. See the examples in the article above.