Quantifiers for Comparatives in English

Quantifiers for Comparatives in English Espresso English

The dog is SLIGHTLY bigger than the cat. The elephant is MUCH bigger than the cat.

Comparative adjectives are used to compare two things.

Quantifiers show if the difference is big or small.

Quantifiers showing a big difference Quantifiers showing a small difference
a lot
a little
a great deal a bit
far slightly
much marginally
significantly a shade / a hair / a tad

These quantifiers can be used both to show a “more” difference and a “less” difference:

  • This car is a bit more expensive than this motorcycle.
  • This motorcycle is a bit less expensive than this car.
  • This house is way bigger than that apartment.
  • That apartment is way smaller than this house.

These quantifiers CANNOT be used with the not as _______ as structure:

  • My brother is much not as old as me.
    My brother is much younger than me.
  • Jill is a little not as tall as Kim.
    Jill is a little shorter than Kim.

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Quantifiers for Comparatives in English Espresso English

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