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Option #1: 300 English Idioms Course

Slang E-Book: Next steps for your studies Espresso EnglishThe 300 English Idioms Course will help you continue your learning of informal English. It will teach you many of the expressions that native English speakers use. The lessons follow a three-step process:

  1. First, you’ll see an example of the idiom in context and you’ll try to guess what it means.
  2. Then, you’ll learn the correct meaning of each idiom from my explanation and examples.
  3. Finally, you can practice using the idioms with quizzes and short answer exercises. You can send me your answers and I’ll check them to make sure you understand the idioms and are using them correctly.

This three-step method is an effective way to learn idioms because you interact more actively with each expression and you can put them into practice.

Slang E-Book: Next steps for your studies Espresso EnglishOption #2: Phrasal Verbs in Conversation

Don’t forget about phrasal verbs! They are extremely common and you’ll hear them constantly in movies, TV shows, and conversations.

If you want to understand the English spoken by native speakers, knowing phrasal verbs is essential. The Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course teaches you these expressions in the context of dialogues.

Slang E-Book: Next steps for your studies Espresso EnglishOption #3: Complete Program (50% Discount)

You can get ALL my courses and e-books (more than 600 total lessons) at a 50% discount – and you can apply your credit from all the courses & e-books you’ve already bought to reduce the price even further!

Just e-mail me if you’d like to do this, and I’ll send you a special link.