Sometime vs. some time vs. sometimes

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Wondering when to use sometime vs. some time? And what about sometimes? Are they all the same? No! These words have different meanings and uses.

Sometimes: Meaning & Examples

Let’s start with sometimes. This is an adverb of frequency, meaning it describes how frequently something happens. Sometimes means it happens on certain occasions, but not always.

  • Sometimes I drive to school, and at other times I take the bus.
  • His English is pretty good, but he sometimes makes grammar mistakes.
  • When the weather is nice, we sometimes have a picnic by the river.
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Sometimes is typically used with the simple present and simple past. It can be placed immediately before the main verb, or before the subject: Sometimes I drive to school / I sometimes drive to school. It can also be used at the end of the phrase: I drive to school sometimes.

Sometime: Meaning & Examples

Sometime (one word, without the S) is also an adverb, but it means “at an unspecified time in the future/past.”

  • We should go out for coffee sometime.
  • He’d like to talk to you sometime.
  • Let’s get together sometime soon.
  • I’ll call you sometime this afternoon.
  • She quit her job sometime last year.
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Sometime is placed at the end of a phrase, as in the first two examples. When it is used like this, it means “in the future.” It can also be used in the structure sometime + a time period: sometime this week, sometime next year, sometime yesterday. When it is used with a time period (this afternoon, last year) then we can see from the sentence whether it is referring to an unspecified time in the future or past.

Some time: Meaning & Examples

Now let’s look at “some time” (two words). This means “a period of time”:

  • Every evening I spend some time relaxing in the bath.
  • He did volunteer work for some time in college.
  • It will take some time to finish this project.

We don’t say how long the period of time is – it might be an hour, a couple of weeks, or a year. Some time can be used in the past, present, or future, as you can see from the three examples.

Review: Sometime vs. some time vs. sometimes

  • sometimes refers to frequency; it means on occasion but not always
  • sometime refers to an unspecified time in the past/future
  • some time refers to a time period

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