Students Learn English from the Harry Potter Films


Students Learn English from the Harry Potter Films Espresso English

From Kaplan’s How to Learn English Infographic


In a study by Kaplan International Colleges about how to learn the English language, 79% of the students interviewed said that watching films helped them learn English.

The eight-part series of Harry Potter films topped the list of the best movies for English learning, with 24% of the vote. Other films that have helped students learn English include Titanic (11%) and Toy Story (7%).

Kaplan’s research also showed that students who had improved their English by watching Harry Potter were more likely to want to study English in the U.K., where many scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

According to Kevin McCarthy, Head of Study at London & Partners, London is a student-friendly city and “a key place to come and learn English or take a course in higher education, with hundreds of different courses and thousands of opportunities available to learn both in the classroom and whilst exploring its culture and 300 free museums and attractions.”

The results of the study on how students learn English through films, TV shows, music, and other media are compiled in Kaplan’s Infographic.


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