What does the phrase “awfully good” mean?

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Hey! I’m doing a special series called “ask the teacher” in August, featuring questions from real students like you! Our first one is this – what does the phrase “awfully good” mean?!

Well – the adjective “awful” always means “very bad”:

  • That was an awful restaurant = a very bad restaurant

And the adverb “awfully” means “very badly” when it comes after a verb:

  • She performed awfully on the test.

But the adverb “awfully” just means “very” when it comes before an adjective:

  • It’s awfully good to see you = It’s very good to see you.
  • They’re awfully excited to travel. = They’re very excited to travel.

Got it? Awful = very bad, awfully = very badly when it comes after a verb, but awfully = very when it comes before an adjective – so awfully good means very good.

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What does the phrase "awfully good" mean? Espresso English

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