Why can’t we say “go to home” in English?

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Today’s question is “why can’t we say “I’m going to home” – why is it wrong?”

The correct way is “I’m going home” (we don’t use “to.”)

We go to school, go to work, go to the doctor, go to the park, and go to another city/country – but we go home.

I’m not actually sure why that’s the case in English – that’s just how it is!

And some other words are the same way:

  • go outside/inside
  • go upstairs/downstairs
  • go here/there
  • go downtown
  • go abroad/overseas
  • go somewhere
  • go away
  • go back

Again, those words don’t use “to.”

So make sure always to say go home, going home, went home, without using “to.”

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