50 Compound Sentence Examples

What is a Compound Sentence?

compound sentence contains two independent clauses joined by a conjunction.

An independent clause is one subject followed by one verb or verb phrase. Each independent clause expresses a single idea – so a compound sentence contains two clauses and two ideas.

Let’s look at 50 compound sentence examples in different English verb tenses.

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Compound sentences in the Present Simple Tense

The subject of each independent clause is in blue.

The verb of each independent clause is in red.

The conjunction is in purple.

  1. I like to read, and my sister enjoys painting.
  2. He plays soccer, but she prefers swimming.
  3. They study hard, so they get good grades.
  4. We work during the day, and we relax in the evening.
  5. She loves her job, yet she complains about it a lot.
  6. He cooks a lot, and he often tries new recipes.
  7. They travel to different countries, but they always come back home.
  8. We either watch movies on Fridays, or we go out for dinner.
  9. She exercises regularly, so she stays fit and healthy.
  10. He volunteers at the local shelter, and he also donates to charity.

Compound sentence meaning and examples

Compound Sentences in the Past Simple Tense

  1. I visited my grandparents last weekend, and we had a wonderful time together.
  2. He played basketball in high school, but he decided to focus on academics in college.
  3. They went to the beach yesterday, but it rained unexpectedly.
  4. We studied for the exam, yet we still struggled with some of the questions.
  5. She cooked a delicious meal for her friends, and they all enjoyed it.
  6. He worked as a teacher for several years, and then he pursued a career in writing.
  7. They traveled to Europe during the summer holidays, and they visited many famous landmarks.
  8. We watched a movie last night, but we didn’t like it.
  9. She danced ballet when she was younger, but she stopped after a knee injury.
  10. He met his favorite author at a book signing event, and he got his book autographed.

A compound sentence contains two independent clauses

Compound Sentences in the Present Continuous Tense

  1. I am studying for my exam, and my friend is working on a project.
  2. She is dancing in the ballet recital, and her brother is playing the piano.
  3. They are traveling to Europe this summer, but they aren’t taking their kids.
  4. We are having dinner at a restaurant tonight, so we are dressing up.
  5. He is working on a new painting, and he is experimenting with different techniques.
  6. She isn’t planning to buy a house, yet she is always browsing real estate listings.
  7. My parents are attending a conference, and I am taking care of their dogs.
  8. We aren’t enjoying the trip because we‘re worrying about safety all the time.
  9. She is taking swimming lessons, and she is improving her technique.
  10. He is studying English on his own, so he isn’t taking any formal classes.

In the previous compound sentence examples, both independent clauses were in the same verb tense. However, this is not necessary – it is common to have different verb tenses in each independent clause.

Here are some compound sentences with the first independent clause in the present perfect, and the second one in a different verb tense:

Compound Sentences with the Present Perfect Tense + Another tense

  1. I have studied for my exam, and I feel confident about it.
  2. She has traveled to many countries, so she has experienced diverse cultures.
  3. They have finished their project, but they still need to present it.
  4. We have watched the movie, and we have discussed it extensively.
  5. He has learned to play the guitar, and he will perform his favorite songs at the talent show.
  6. She has completed her master’s degree, and she is now pursuing a Ph.D.
  7. They have visited the museum, but they have not explored the entire collection yet.
  8. We have tried the new restaurant in town, and the food was delicious.
  9. She has written a book, and she has received positive reviews from readers.
  10. He has achieved his fitness goals, and he continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Compound Sentences in Mixed Verb Tenses

  1. I finished my work early, so now I can relax for the rest of the evening.
    (simple past + simple present)
  2. She sings beautifully, yet she has never performed for an audience.
    (simple present + present perfect)
  3. They were buying groceries for the week, but they had forgotten to bring their shopping list.
    (past continuous + past perfect)
  4. We have been studying history, and we will visit a museum tomorrow.
    (present perfect continuous + simple future)
  5. He played the guitar for years, but he is now focusing on learning the piano.
    (simple past + present continuous)
  6. She will be giving a talk next month, so she has been practicing a lot.
    (future continuous + present perfect continuous)
  7. They enjoyed the concert last night, and they will be posting photos later.
    (simple past + future continuous)
  8. I had watched that movie before, so we picked a different one to watch together.
    (past perfect + simple past)
  9. She is working at a bar, but her parents disapprove.
    (present continuous + simple present)
  10. He had been considering buying a motorcycle, but he couldn’t afford it.
    (past perfect continuous + simple past)

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