“Will / Won’t” vs. “Going to”

On my next vacation, I’m going to stay in a nice hotel in Paris.

There are two ways to talk about the future in English: will/won’t and going to.

Use “going to” for plans and arrangements:

  • On my next vacation, I”m going to stay in a nice hotel in Paris.
  • Her current contract ends in December, so she’s going to look for a new job.
  • David’s going to meet me at the airport. He said he would be there at 8:00.
  • We’re going to get married in July. We’re already sending out invitations!
  • They’re going to visit Amy next week. They made plans to meet up on Monday.
  • Peter and Paul are going to share an apartment when they move to New York.

Use “will/won’t” for promises:

  • I‘ll send you an e-mail.
  • I won’t tell anyone your secret.
  • He‘ll pay you back tomorrow.
  • We won’t forget your birthday.

Use “will” for offers:

  • I‘ll buy you a drink.
  • My secretary will help you with the paperwork.

Use “will” for decisions made in the moment:

  • “Would you like potatoes or rice?”
    “I‘ll have the rice.”
  •  “Which shirt do you like?”
    “Well, the red one is cheaper, but I prefer the color blue. I‘ll take the blue one.”

Use “will/won’t” or “going to” for predictions or statements about the future:

  • My company‘s going to move its headquarters overseas next year.
  • Your wife will love those flowers – they’re beautiful!
  • The economy isn’t going to improve much this year.
  • He won’t pass the test. He hasn’t studied at all.

Use I think… will and I don’t think… will to express thoughts about the future.

Don’t use I think… won’t. (it doesn’t sound natural).

  • I think you won’t like this movie. It’s very violent.
  • I don’t think you’ll like this movie. It’s very violent.

Will / won't / going to quiz

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Question 1
"Have you decided what to do on Friday night?"

Yes, ________________ see a show on Broadway. We got cheap tickets on the internet."

we're going to
we will
Question 2
_________________ join us at the beach because he has to work this weekend.
Tom won't
Tom's not going to
Question 3
"I don't have enough money for a taxi."

"Don't worry - ____________ give you a ride."

we're going to
Question 4
I ________________ go to the festival this year.
think I won't
don't think I'll
Question 5
If you're cold, _____________ lend you my jacket.
I'm going to
Question 6
"I'm interested in your online training course."

"______________ you some information right away!"

I'll send
I'm going to send
Question 7
"What are their plans for the summer?"

"_______________ do an internship at a pharmaceutical company."

They're going to
Question 8
________________ a new couch. I've already ordered it from the furniture store.
We're going to get
We'll get
Question 9
"Would you like to sign up for the general English course or the business English course?"

"Hmmm, that's a tough choice... ____________ take the business English course."

I'm going to
Question 10
___________________ ask Melissa to marry him. He's already bought the ring!
Craig's going to
Craig will
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