How can I learn English?

How can I learn English? Espresso English

How can I learn English?

How can I learn English online?

First, click here to get all the new Espresso English lessons by e-mail!

On this website, you can take free online English lessons in Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading, Confusing Words, and Business English. If you have an idea for an English class, click here to send it to me.

Another great English learning site is English Club. If you like to read and listen to news in English, visit BBC Learning English (British English) and VOA Learning English (American English). If you want to practice English with English speakers and other English learners, visit the Using English Forums and the EnglishBaby Chat.

How can I learn English grammar?

English grammar is important because it provides the “structure” for the English language. There are many English grammar books, but I prefer the Grammar in Use series with three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The Grammar in Use books have good explanations and thousands of grammar exercises.

How can I learn English for business?

If you work in an international company or if you would like to work in an English-speaking country, you can study business English. Here are some resources that are focused on business English:

How can I learn English for academics?

Many English learners want to study in an English-speaking country someday. When learning English for academics, it’s important to learn academic writing as well as how to give presentations in English. Listening practice is also necessary so that you can understand classes in English and take notes.

How can I learn English for an exam?

There are many different English exams. The TOEIC exam evaluates business English for use in the workplace, while the TOEFL evaluates academic English. There is also an IELTS exam that can be used for academic English or general English. One excellent website is, with free online practice tests.

How can I learn English with a computer program?

The most famous English-learning computer program is Rosetta Stone, but there are several other options.

How can I learn English with CDs?

Learning English with CDs is a good idea because it helps improve your listening. Here are three English learning CDs:

What are some good English dictionaries?

It’s good for English learners to have two dictionaries: a dictionary with your native language to English, and an English-English dictionary. Using an English-English dictionary will help develop your vocabulary faster.

Here are two normal English dictionaries and two “pocket” English dictionaries (small dictionaries that are good for travel). You can also check online English dictionaries and