Present Simple: Verb “be”

Present Simple: Verb "be" Espresso English

This is my son. He’s one year old. He’s happy!


I am I’m from Japan.
you / we / they are you’re / we’re / they’re from Brazil.
he / she / it is he’s / she’s / it’s from India.


I am not I’m not married.
you / we / they
are not
You’re not / You aren’t
We’re not / We aren’t
They’re not / They aren’t
he / she / it
is not
He isn’t / He’s not
She isn’t / She’s not
It isn’t / It’s not
a student.


Am I beautiful?
Are you / we / they a teacher?
Is he / she / it tall?



  • I’m Joanna.
  • He’s Paulo.
  • They’re Aki and Yuta.


  • I’m from the U.S. I’m American.
  • My husband is from Italy. He’s Italian.
  • She’s not Korean, she’s Vietnamese.
  • Are they from Australia?


  • I’m 27 years old.
  • How old are you?
  • She’s 15.
  • My mother is 65 years old.


  • I’m sad.
  • She’s excited.
  • You’re angry.
  • We’re happy.


  • I’m not a student. I’m a teacher.
  • Are you a doctor?
  • He’s a journalist.
  • They’re artists.

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Present Simple: Verb "Be"

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Present Simple: Verb "be" Espresso English

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