7 English Expressions with the Word WORLD

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#1 – “What a small world!” 
= it’s an incredible coincidence

For example: if you meet someone new and you discover that you both went to the same elementary school, you can say, “What a small world!”

#2 – “It’s not the end of the world.” 
= It’s not so bad. (stop overreacting)

For example: If your sister is very upset because she broke a fingernail, you can say “It’s not the end of the world” to show her that her problem is really not so terrible.

#3 – “It made a world of difference.”
“It did a world of good.”

= a big difference / a lot of good

For example: If there’s a new program in your country that successfully reduces unemployment, you can say “it made a world of difference” or “it did a world of good.”

#4 – “He thinks the world of her.”
= He admires her, he has a very high opinion of her

For example: If there’s a really wonderful colleague who is liked and respected, you can say that the boss “thinks the world of her.”

#5 – “It’s the best of both worlds.”
“It’s the worst of both worlds.”

= When you experience the positive/negative aspects of two different opportunities/situations

For example: If you live in a location that has both the beach AND the mountains, you can say “it’s the best of both worlds” because you can enjoy going to the beach or hiking in the mountains

For example: If you have a job that you hate AND it pays a terrible salary, you can say “it’s the worst of both worlds” because you have disadvantages in two areas – you hate the job, and it doesn’t pay well.

#6 – “She’s on top of the world.”
= She’s extremely happy

For example: If your daughter got a full scholarship to the college she really wants to attend, you could say “She’s on top of the world.”

#7 – “It was out of this world!”
= It was incredibly wonderful, amazing, etc.

For example: If you tried eating at a new restaurant, and the food was REALLY great, you can describe it as “out of this world.”

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