If you’re at the beginner or pre-intermediate level in English, you should focus on learning essential words, phrases, and grammar – as well as listening and repeating to improve your pronunciation and learn to speak clearly!

Here are the best Espresso English products for beginner and pre-intermediate students:

Basic English Grammar E-Book

Learn essential grammar easily! This e-book will teach you the foundations of English grammar, with clear and easy-to-understand lessons plus practice exercises. You’ll learn about simple present, simple past, present continuous, present perfect, articles, and much more.

Vocabulary Builder – Level 1

Learn 1000+ practical English words on topics like daily life, work & study, travel & entertainment, people & ideas, and society & the world. It’s a quick, easy, effective way to expand your vocabulary so that you can express yourself better in English.

Everyday English Speaking – Level 1

Learn real English phrases for everyday situations – these are the expressions that native English speakers use in day-to-day life. These lessons are based on conversations on the phone, at restaurants, while shopping, traveling, socializing, and much more. Students say this course is useful, practical, and fun!

American English Pronunciation Course

American English Pronunciation CoursePractice your pronunciation with me! Listen and repeat words and sentences using all the sounds of American English – so that you can speak more clearly, confidently, and correctly. Good pronunciation is an important part of fluency. (Also includes an evaluation of your pronunciation at the end of the course).

1000 Collocations E-Book

Let’s learn how to put words together so that your English sounds more natural. This e-book will teach you the common combinations of words that native English speakers typically use – it will help you avoid mistakes and strange-sounding expressions. Each lesson takes only about 10 minutes, so it’s perfect for anyone who has little time to study!