Canceled or Cancelled? Traveled or Travelled?

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“Is it canceled or cancelled?”

Both spellings are correct!

Canceled is more common in American English, and cancelled is more common in British English.

Example sentences:

  • It’s raining pretty hard. Do you think the festival will be canceled?
  • The flight was canceled due to dangerously high winds.
  • The concert was canceled at the last minute, disappointing many fans.
  • If the most important client can’t attend, then the meeting should be canceled and rescheduled.

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canceled or cancelled?

“Traveled or travelled?”

Similarly to “canceled vs. cancelled,” both spellings are correct.

Traveled is more common in American English, and travelled is more common in British English.

Example sentences:

  • Last summer, we traveled to Europe and explored many historic cities.
  • The hikers traveled through dense jungles to reach the hidden waterfall.
  • After graduating from college, she took a year off and traveled the world.
  • My dad frequently traveled for work, visiting clients and attending conferences around the world.

Past tense of other verbs ending in L

The past tense of signal is signaled:

  • The police officer signaled for the cars to stop.

The past tense of excel is excelled: 

  • My brother excelled in school – he was at the top of his class.

The past tense of control is controlled:

  • Careful – if you mix those two chemicals, the reaction can’t be controlled.

The past tense of propel is propelled:

  • The powerful engines propelled the spacecraft into orbit.

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Now you know that how to spell the past tense of “cancel” – canceled or cancelled – depends on whether you’re using American English or British English!

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