English phrase of the day: Brimming with

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Hello! Today’s phrase is a simple one, but it’s nice and descriptive. I was watching a movie in which a family was planning a vacation to Disney World, and the parents described their kids as “brimming with excitement.” What does that mean?

Brimming with excitement means extremely full of excitement. Let me give you a visual example. The top edge of a cup or glass is called the brim. Usually when we fill a cup with liquid, we leave some space; we don’t fill it all the way up to the brim. So if you do fill the cup up to the brim, the cup would be considered extremely full.

This is why the expression “brimming with” means extremely full -we usually use it with an emotion or some other non-physical thing. Someone who generates a lot of good ideas could be described as “brimming with ideas,” or someone who is very naturally skilled would be “brimming with talent.”

I try to make sure my lessons are brimming with useful tips to help you understand English better! Thanks for joining me today, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.

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