English phrase of the day: Turn a blind eye to something

Hello students! Today’s phrase of the day is turn a blind eye to something. I read it in an article, where the writer said the government should not turn a blind eye to the crimes of certain politicians. What does this mean? To turn a blind eye to something means to ignore it on purpose. It’s not that you don’t know about it… you DO know about it, and you know it’s wrong or bad, but you choose to pretend you don’t notice.

People can turn a blind eye to something for a few reasons – one is that they don’t want to get involved. Let’s say you have a manager at work who hates confronting people. If one of your co- workers is doing a bad job, the manager might turn a blind eye to it because of his fear of confrontation. He intentionally ignores the bad work because he doesn’t want

Another possible reason for turning a blind eye to something is if you think the bad thing isn’t so serious. For example, when my brother and I were kids, we each had a limit of 30 minutes of computer games per day. Sometimes we’d play for longer than 30 minutes, but my parents would often turn a blind eye to it – they knew we were going over the limit, but they chose to ignore it because it wasn’t a big deal and we usually didn’t go very far over the limit.

I hope these examples have been helpful. Thanks for joining me today!

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