English Word of the Day Quiz

Last month, I published a “Word of the Day in May” on YouTube every weekday.

Now it’s time to test how well you learned the new vocabulary  🙂  You can…

English Word of the Day Quiz Espresso English

Some of these words may be new to you – sowhat’s the best way to remember them?

Here’s what I suggest:

Every time you learn a new word – for example, from an English lesson or article – write it down in your vocabulary notebook. Writing is more ACTIVE than just reading a definition.

You should write:

  • The word and its definition in English (or translation)
  • 1 example sentence from the article or dictionary
  • 1 example sentence that YOU create

It’s best if your example sentence is true or relevant to your life, because this creates a personal connection with the new vocabulary word.

The next day, review your vocabulary notebook again and try to add one more example sentence using the new word. This helps establish it even better in your memory.

My Vocabulary Builder Course can also help expand your vocabulary fast – and it includes lots of practice and examples, too!