Free Sample Lessons from Everyday English Speaking 1 and 2

In these courses, you’ll learn real phrases and expressions for everyday life. The lessons are based on conversations, and include quizzes and exercises. Level 1 focuses on daily situations like shopping, travel, socializing, and more. Level 2 has more advanced conversations that are full of idioms, phrasal verbs, and informal expressions.

Free samples – Level 1:

Free samples – Level 2:

Lessons in the courses:

Course details:

  • There are 45 lessons in each level (text and audio)
  • You get instant and permanent access to the lessons. There’s no time limit for finishing!
  • Some of the lessons include “speaking tasks,” where you can send me a recording of your speaking for evaluation and feedback
  • Contact me if you have any questions!
Level 1 $45
Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate Students
45 Lessons: audio, text
Level 2 $45
Upper-Intermediate & Advanced Students
45 Lessons: audio, text