Top 10 English lessons of 2021

Thanks so much for learning English with me this year 😄

I hope you’ve enjoyed Espresso English lessons and made a lot of progress!

These are our top 10 lessons of 2021:

  1. Don’t say “today morning”
  2. “It speaks for itself” & “Speak for yourself”
  3. 11 word pairs with CONFUSING pronunciation!
  4. One easy way to remember new vocabulary
  5. 15 VERY common spelling mistakes
  6. 40 interesting collocations for communication (this is a sample from our newest course, Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations!)
  7. How to use EVEN and EVER in English
  8. Unnatural phrases that native English speakers never say
  9. 20 powerful verbs to supercharge your vocabulary
  10. Can YOU say these 10 tongue twisters in English?

I look forward to helping you reach an even higher level of English in 2022!

Your teacher,