Common Errors in English: ED form / ING form

Don’t say: “I’m interesting in adopt an animal.”

Say: “I’m interested in adopting an animal.”

There are two errors in this sentence. The first one is the difference between interesting and interested. In general, with adjectives that have both –ing and –ed forms, use:

  • the –ed form to describe how you feel
  • the –ing form to describe the thing, person, situation, or event that causes the feeling
Here’s an example:
  • I’m bored. This movie is boring.

Here are other common adjectives that follow this pattern:

  • I’m tired. My job is very tiring.
  • I’m excited! This soccer game is really exciting!
  • I’m frustrated. The problems in my life are so frustrating.
  • I’m surprised. This situation is quite surprising.
  • I’m confused. The book I’m reading is confusing.

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Common Errors in English: ED form / ING form Espresso English

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