Free samples of the “Quick Listening Lessons” from

In the month of March, when you buy the Listening Course from Espresso English, you’ll get the 45 course lessons PLUS 100 extra “Quick Listening Lessons” from

Today, I’d like to send you free samples of the bonus “Quick Listening Lessons.”

Here’s how these lessons work – six people speak spontaneously in response to a single question, like “What’s your favorite movie?” or “Desribe your weekend plans.” Their short answers are completely natural and spoken at regular speed.

You can listen to the audio while trying to answer the comprehension questions. After that, check the transcript to see if you got the right answers. There are also explanations of the vocabulary used as well as short quizzes on the new words.

Click the links below to download free samples from the bonus lessons (to download them, right-click on each link and select “Save” or “Save as…”)

  • What’s your dream job? – Text / Audio
  • What’s good about your hometown? – Text / Audio
  • Are you afraid of hospitals? – Text / Audio
  • What’s your favorite music? – Text / Audio
  • Should university be free? – Text / Audio

There are just a few days left to get the special offer of the Listening Course plus 100 of these quick bonus lessons… the price of this package will go up after March 31.

Click here to buy the course and bonus lessons today

It’s a great opportunity to practice listening not only to me, but also to various English speakers with different voices and accents. This way you’ll be more confident in your ability to understand anyone!

Free samples of the "Quick Listening Lessons" from Espresso English