Learn English in London

One of the best ways to improve your English fast is to take a course in an English-speaking country. Not only will you get to speak English every day, but you’ll also experience the city’s history and culture.

London is a great destination for English learners – and there’s lots to do outside the classroom! English students at Kaplan International in London shared their favorite landmarks, museums, restaurants, parks, clubs, and much more in a recent survey.

Watch the video to learn about the eight elements to a “perfect day” in London – and check out the Kaplan blog for 40 great places to visit in England’s capital.

YouTube video

If you’ve been studying at Espresso English, you might notice some differences in the written and spoken English of London. Here’s an overview of some of the main spelling differences between American English and British English:

Spelling difference British English American English
-our / -or colour, labour, humour color, labor, humor
-tre / -ter theatre, centre, metre theater, center, meter
-nce / -nse defence, offence, licence defense, offense, license
-yse / -yze analyse, paralyse analyze, paralyze
-ise / -ize apologise, organise, recognise apologize, organize, recognize
single/double L travelling, cancelled, labelled traveling, canceled, labeled
Other miscellaneous spelling differences: aeroplane

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