Pronunciation Tip #5 + A shortcut for speaking better now


You might be wondering, “How long will it take to improve my pronunciation?”

Remember that it’s like going to the gym. Just like physical exercise makes your body stronger, pronunciation practice trains your mouth to speak well.

Let me ask you a question:

Can a person lose 20 pounds and become perfectly healthy after going to the gym for one day? Or two, three, or four days?

No, of course not!

To get the results, you need consistent and persistent practice over time. You might not feel much difference after one session, but if you keep going, you WILL see great results.

In the same way, pronunciation improvement takes time because you are “re-training” the muscles of your lips, mouth, and tongue to make different sounds, after many years of speaking your native language constantly.

This takes time and MANY repetitions…

So tip #5 is to keep going, because LOTS of practice makes perfect!

Be patient. Don’t give up. Every time you practice your pronunciation, you’re making a valuable investment in your English fluency.

Improving your pronunciation takes time… but you can improve much faster by taking a training course specifically focusing on pronunciation.

The American English Pronunciation Course is designed to be a “shortcut” to help you reach your goal of speaking clear, correct, and confident English.

In this course, you will learn:

  • All the sounds of American English
  • How to make the difference between similar sounds
  • How to eliminate pronunciation errors (it’s very important to fix mistakes NOW, before they become bad habits!)
  • Specific ways to connect your words so that your speaking “flows” naturally

The course also includes a personal evaluation of YOUR pronunciation. You can send in speaking samples, and we’ll tell you exactly how to improve even further!

The Pronunciation Course is great for students of all levels:

  • If you’re a beginner, it will help you form good pronunciation habits from the start.
  • If you’re intermediate, it will help you correct any errors, speak more naturally, and increase your confidence.
  • If you’re advanced, it will help you reduce your accent and sound more like a native English speaker.

Imagine yourself speaking English with confidence that everyone can understand you clearly. I want to help you reach that goal 🤩

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Pronunciation Tip #5 + A shortcut for speaking better now Espresso English

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