The Kaplan Times: A Newspaper Written by English Students

The Kaplan Times: A Newspaper Written by English Students Espresso English

Kaplan’s English Language School in Portland

In Kaplan’s English language school in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., teacher Sadie Dickman gave her students a fun task to practice their written English skills: write articles for a school newspaper, The Kaplan Times.

The students enjoyed the task so much that they developed The Kaplan Times into a regular monthly publication. Students can write on any topic they choose, and recent editions of the newspaper have featured restaurant reviews, local events, advice for new students, and creative fiction.

Sadie Dickman is thrilled by the newspaper’s success and impressed by the students’ teamwork and creativity. “Everyone at the college takes a newspaper when they come out, and the writers are really proud to have their by-lines in the paper! I am so, so proud,” she says.

At Kaplan’s English school in Portland, students can design their ideal English-learning experience by choosing from a range of courses such as General English, Vacation English, Business English, and specialized courses in exam preparation.


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