Difference between “win,” “earn,” and “gain”

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Win = To be #1 in a competition, or to receive an award.

  • My soccer team won the game 3-1.
  • I want to win the lottery!
  • John won a prize in the science competition.

You can win a game, a race, a match, a competition, or the lottery. You can also win a medal (like in the Olympics), a prize, or an award.

Earn = To get something in exchange for your work, for example: a salary.

  • Sarah is a famous lawyer; she earns a lot of money.
  • I’m not rich, but I earn a decent salary.
  • My bank account earns 2% interest per month.

Gain = To get or to increase, for example: weight

  • I’ve gained five pounds since I stopped exercising.
  • Is she pregnant? It looks like she’s gained some weight.
  • Jack’s car gained speed as he drove  down the mountain.

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