English Vocabulary Words: Dance

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English Vocabulary Words: Ballet
Ballet is a classical type of dance

ballroom dance

English Vocabulary Words:
Ballroom dance includes many styles such as waltz, tango, foxtrot, swing dance, samba, rumba, cha-cha, and mambo

belly dance

English Vocabulary Words: Belly Dance
Belly dance is a Middle Eastern style of dance, which focuses on movements of the torso, abdomen and hips


English Vocabulary Words: Breakdance
Breakdancing is an acrobatic style of dancing that is associated with hip-hop music

modern/contemporary dance

English Vocabulary Words: Modern Dance
Modern or contemporary dance mixes elements of traditional ballet with other styles and new innovations


English Vocabulary Words: Salsa
Salsa dancing has strong Latin American influence, especially from Cuba and Puerto Rico


English Vocabulary Words: Samba
Samba originated in Brazil and is famous for appearing in the Brazilian Carnival


English Vocabulary Words: Tango
Tango is a close partner dance that originated in Argentina

tap dance

English Vocabulary Words: Tap Dance
Tap dancers use special shoes to make percussive rhythms when their feet hit the floor.

folk dance

English Vocabulary Words: Folk Dance
The category “folk dance” includes traditional dances that are part of a culture, danced by ordinary people, and usually learned in community.

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