Learn English with Pictures: 12 Geographical Vocabulary Words


Learn English Words - Hill

A hill is a small rise of land that is smaller than a mountain.


Learn English Words - Mountain

The top of a mountain is called a peak.

When there are a number of mountains in a row, it’s called a mountain range. 



Learn English Words - Volcano

This volcano is erupting

Image source

When a volcano explodes, it is called an eruption.

The hot orange liquid is called lava

The grey clouds produced by the volcano are called ash.



Learn English Words - Valley

A valley is a low place between mountains or hills.

Image source


Learn English Words - Cliff

A cliff is a vertical rock formation.

Cave / Cavern

Learn English Words - Cave

A cave or cavern is an underground space.

Image source


Learn English Words - Field

A field is an area of land used for agriculture or animals


Learn English Words - Plains

A large, flat area of land is called a plain.

Image source 

Forest / Woods

Learn English Words - Forest

A forest is an area filled with trees.

Jungle / Rain Forest

Learn English Words - Jungle

A jungle or rain forest is an area with lots of tropical trees and plants.

Image source


Learn English Words - Sand

Image source

When the sand forms hills or mountains like in this picture, they are called sand dunes.


Soil / Dirt

Learn English Words - Soil

Good soil is needed for growing crops (plants for food).

Image source

In general, the word soil is used when talking about growing plants, and the word dirt is used when you have some on your shoes or clothes. When soil/dirt gets wet, it becomes mud (like in this picture!)

Learn English Words - Mud

“Do you want to play in the mud?”

Image source

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