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Hi students! It’s Shayna from and today’s tip for how to stay motivated to learn English is very important. It’s so simple, but it will make a big difference in your English learning experience.

Make Learning English Enjoyable

You don’t have to study the exact same way every time! Try to have some variation, to keep things interesting.

For example, maybe one day you do a lot of grammar exercises.

The next day, do something different – listen to a podcast instead and work on your comprehension.

After that, maybe learn new vocabulary from the news.

Then, maybe you want to relax a bit more so you watch a TV show or movie with subtitles.

All of these things will be beneficial to your English, and having variation prevents you from getting bored. If you’ve been trying to learn English in a way you find boring or difficult, then it will definitely be hard to stay motivated. But when you can make the learning enjoyable, then you’ll have fun and it will be easier to learn.

Here’s another tip for making English more fun – find material in areas of your interest.

Do you have a hobby? Do you like a certain sport? Do you enjoy politics or history? Look for English articles, books, and podcasts on that topic. When you enjoy and care about the subject material, it’s easier to learn the language.

It’s also important to learn from teachers who you like. There are so many wonderful English teachers in the world, and a great teacher can be really inspiring and can help you enjoy English learning much more.

If you’re watching this video, I hope you like learning from me! My goal is to make the language clear and easy for you, so that you can improve your English and become fluent faster. You can get more of my clear and practical lessons when you join my courses.

Thanks for joining me today, and thank you to everyone who leaves nice comments or sends me friendly e-mails – I’m so happy to know that my lessons are helping you.

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