Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

[notice]Be careful: This article tells the whole story of the movie.
If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you will know the ending![/notice]

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(See the Vocabulary list for the definitions of words in green.)

In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a secret agent who is extracted from a Russian prison by his team members, Carter and Dunn. The team’s mission is to infiltrate the secret archives at the Kremlin in Moscow to discover the true identity of a terrorist called “Cobalt.”

Hunt and Dunn successfully enter the building dressed as members of the military – but the mission goes wrong and a bomb destroys the Kremlin. Russia blames the U.S. for the attack, and the President activates the “Ghost Protocol,” which means that the secret agents have no recognition or support.

Cobalt’s real name is Kurt Hendricks. He plans to start a nuclear war because he believes that the destruction will help humans evolve. He has the equipment to launch a nuclear missile, and only needs the launch codes in order to launch the missile at the U.S.

The codes will be exchanged between Moreau (an assassin) and Wistrom (Hendricks’ representative) at a hotel in Dubai. Hunt and his team impersonate Moreau and Wistrom, tricking them into thinking the exchange has been made.

They then go to Mumbai to deactivate the satellite that will transmit the order to launch the missile – but they are too late. Hendricks tells a Russian submarine to fire a nuclear missile at San Francisco, and then turns off the power so that the satellite cannot be deactivated.

After fighting with and killing Henricks and Wistrom, Hunt’s team restores power and successfully deactivates the nuclear missile, thus saving San Francisco from destruction and the world from a nuclear war. The “good guys” win once again!



 extracted = removed

infiltrate = enter secretly

archives = place where information is kept

blames = say somebody is responsible for something bad

evolve = get better

missile = an object sent to destroy things far away

assassin = a person who kills people

impersonate = pretend you are a different person

tricking = making someone believe something that is not true

thus = therefore, as a result