Visualize your goal in learning English

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Hi students! Are you ready to learn tip #4 for how to stay motivated to learn English? This one is something you can put into practice every time you sit down to study.

Visualize The End Goal, And Know That Every Bit Of Study Time Is Bringing You Closer!

Do you know WHY you want to learn English?

Is it so you can work in a multinational company? Live in an English-speaking country? Travel and make friends more easily? Pass an exam? Be able to read books and watch movies in English?

Whatever your reason is, try this simple exercise:

When you sit down to study English, spend a couple minutes visualizing (imagining) reaching your goal. Imagine yourself speaking English easily without translating in your head. Imagine yourself confidently giving a business presentation in English. Imagine reading a book in English and understanding all the vocabulary – that would feel great!

Then, tell yourself that EVERY study session (including this one) is bringing you closer to that situation. This makes your studying more enjoyable and more meaningful, because you know that what you are doing is useful and that you are making real progress.

So today’s tip was a quick one, but it’s very powerful!

I’ll publish tip #5 in a few days, but if you want to keep learning from me right now, click here learn more about my courses at EspressoEnglish. See you next time.

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