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Difference between BREATH and BREATHE

The word breath is a noun referring to the air going in/out of your mouth and nose. You can... take a deep breath (inhale a lot of air) have bad breath (when the air coming out of your mouth smells bad) hold your breath (keep air in your lungs, like when you go underwater) gasp for breath (when you [...]

English Pronunciation Exercises: Words Starting with W

American English Pronunciation Course   removing something; when you take money out of a bank account; when someone stops using an addictive substance such as drugs adverb describing something that is done extremely well when something has been changed to be more in line with western civilization/culture someone's disposition or openness to doing something Speak [...]

English Pronunciation Poem with Audio

English pronunciation is crazy! If you had any doubt, this English pronunciation poem will show you several hundred English words that look the same, but are pronounced very differently. If you want an extra challenge, try reciting the poem after listening to the audio. Part of the reason is that written English was standardized at a time [...]

Bad English pronunciation can be dangerous…

Do you have difficulties with pronunciation in English? Do you want to talk more like a native English speaker? Do you want to be more confident when speaking English? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will LOVE our new course: Speak English more clearly & confidently! Click here for more [...]