10 English Collocations with THINK

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#1 – I personally think…

Use this expression when you want to emphasize that this is your personal opinion; other people might not share it.

A lot of students don’t like that teacher, but I personally think he’s brilliant.

#2 – I honestly think…

Use this phrase when you want to emphasize that this is what you truly think; it is your real opinion, you are not lying or modifying your words to make them more agreeable.

Even though we’ve already spent a lot of time on this design, I honestly think it’s not as good as it could be.

#3 – I’m inclined to think… / I tend to think…

Use these phrases when you have an opinion, but it’s not an especially strong one.

I tend to think it would be better to travel in the spring, not the summer, since it won’t be so hot.

#4 – I’d hate to think…/ I shudder to think…

These phrases are used for things that are bad, which you are thinking about, but you don’t want them to be true. “I shudder to think” is stronger.

My salary is much higher than my boyfriend’s… I’d hate to think he’s just dating me for my money.

I shudder to think what would happen if we started a nuclear war.

#5 – can’t think straight

If you can’t think straight, it means your mind is very agitated or you are very distracted, and you can’t think in an organized way.

When the police officer started asking me questions, I was so nervous that I couldn’t think straight.

#6 – think carefully/deeply/long and hard

These expressions all refer to giving a LOT of thought to a topic, considering it carefully so that you fully understand it and you don’t make any quick decisions.

I thought long and hard about leaving the job I’d had for 20 years, but ultimately it was the right decision.

#7 – think rationally/logically

To think rationally or logically means to think in an organized and objective way, without letting emotions affect your thoughts.

I know you absolutely love that apartment, but it’s expensive and you need to think rationally about what you can afford.

#8 – think nothing of (doing something)

If you think nothing of doing something, it means that you consider that action normal and not unusual.

My sister is rich, so she thinks nothing of spending $1000 on a purse.

#9 – think highly of someone

If you think highly of someone, it means you respect and admire that person very much.

think highly of athletes who are not only good at their sports, but who are also kind and generous people.

#10 – think twice

To think twice means to hesitate because you are reconsidering whether or not it is a good idea.

Hearing about the high crime rate made me think twice about buying a house in that neighborhood.

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