10 Phrasal Verbs with FALL

Fall apart

1. Break into pieces

That chair is so old, it looks like it’ll fall apart if anyone sits on it.

Phrasal verbs - Fall apart
This chair has fallen apart.

2. Become emotionally upset and incapable of behaving normally

After Tanya lost her job and her husband left her, she completely fell apart.

Fall back

Retreat (especially in the case of an army)

The general ordered the soldiers to fall back to a safer location.

Fall back on

Have the option to use something if other plans are not successful.

If I don’t get this job, I still have my freelance work to fall back on.

Fall behind

Not make sufficient progress to stay on schedule.

We fell behind on the project and finished it ten days late.

Fall down / fall over

When a person or structure falls to the ground.

The skaters fell down in the middle of their performance.

Phrasal verbs fall down
The skaters fell down in the middle of their performance.

The ladder fell over when he tried to climb it.

Phrasal verbs - fall over
The ladder fell over when he tried to climb it.

Fall for

1. Fall in love, develop a romantic attraction to someone

I think I’m falling for Jeremy – I just can’t stop thinking about him!

Phrasal verbs - fall for
Fall for = Fall in love

2. Believe a lie or a story that is false

Vivian told the teacher that she missed class because her dog was sick – and the teacher fell for it.

Fall off

When something detaches from a bigger object.

My glasses fell off when I bent down to pick up the paper from the floor.

Phrasal verbs - Fall off
The wheels have fallen off the bike!

Fall out

1. To fall out of some enclosed space (a box, a basket, a car, a train)

Excuse me – is this your wallet? It fell out of your pocket.

2. To have an argument with someone and then be angry with each other

John left the company after falling out with his business partner.

Note: You can also say “have a fallout” – or “have a falling out” – “I had a falling out with my best friend, and now she’s not speaking to me.”

Fall through

Be unsuccessful (usually used with “plans”)

We were going to travel to Russia, but our plans fell through because we couldn’t get a visa.

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