English word of the day: NUISANCE

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Hi students! We’re in the middle of our Word of the Day in May series. This week we’ve been focusing on nouns, and today is our final noun before we move on to other kinds of words. The word of the day is nuisance. It’s two syllables with the stress on the first one – NUI-sance.

A nuisance is something that’s annoying or inconvenient. If my neighbor’s dog barks all day and all night, that would be a nuisance, it would be quite annoying because I could never have peace and quiet in my own house.

Or maybe your company is changing to a new software program, but the change isn’t automatic, you need to manually type in customer data for 1000 customers into the new system. That would be a nuisance because it’s inconvenient, it takes a lot of your time to do a simple task that’s not very interesting.

Maybe you love camping and hiking, but you think that mosquitos are a nuisance – they bother you, they annoy you. Here’s another good example of a nuisance – getting calls from salespeople and telemarketers when you’re trying to eat dinner. They’re annoying because they interrupt your meal.

What are a few things that you consider a nuisance? Let me know in the comments, so you can practice using this word.

All right, that’s all for today, but keep watching my channel because we have a lot more words of the day this month. See you later!


English word of the day: NUISANCE Espresso English English word of the day: NUISANCE Espresso English