English phrase of the day: Fall by the wayside

YouTube video

Hello students! The phrase of the day you’re going to learn in this video is fall by the wayside. I recently saw this phrase in a Facebook discussion among new moms who were talking about the challenges of life with a new baby. One of them commented that with all the new responsibilities, exercise tends to fall by the wayside. Can you guess what it means?

If something falls by the wayside, it means it fails to continue; it is forgotten about, it drops out of your schedule or routine of activities. In this example, mothers need to do a lot of things in order to take care of the baby, and as a result, exercise falls by the wayside -the mothers stop exercising.

It’s very important to practice your English frequently -every day if possible! Don’t let your English practice fall by the wayside. Hopefully these daily phrase videos are helping you. Thanks for joining me today!