How to pronounce -STS at the end of English words?

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One student said she has difficulty with –STS at the end of words, as in costs and guests – how can she pronounce it better?

Well, the way I do it is while making the SSS sound, I just quickly touch my tongue to the back of my teeth to interrupt the S and make a tiny T sound.

When speaking fast, we only hear a tiny hint of the T. In fact, sometimes it just turns into a long –SSS sound!

Here are some examples:

  • costs – It costs forty dollars.
  • guests – We’re guests at this hotel.
  • scientists – The scientists made a discovery.
  • tests – I have two tests tomorrow.
  • wrists – My wrists hurt.
  • trusts – He trusts you.

Hope this helps – thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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How to pronounce -STS at the end of English words? Espresso English

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