Would you like to use Espresso English lessons with your students?

Good news – you can!

You may use and distribute any of the lessons on my blog or YouTube channel, as long as you credit EspressoEnglish.net as the source.

Also, if you purchase my e-books and courses, you may use the material in the classroom or with your private students, in the following ways:

  • showing the videos / playing the audios in the classroom (or on your own computer, if you are working with a private student)
  • printing out the text lessons and handing them out to students

However, please do not re-post or distribute the electronic files – thank you!

Click the green button to download examples from ALL my products:

Download your Free Lesson Sample Pack

It’s a VERY large file – 156 MB – so it will take some time to download fully!
After downloading, “unzip” or “extract” it on your computer.

For teachers, I’d highly recommend purchasing the complete program, so you can get a 50% discount. Plus, I’ll send you a USB drive which conveniently has all the files downloaded onto it already.

Alternatively, you can use these individual links to take free sample lessons.

Licensing for Schools

If you are the owner or director of an English school, and you would like to explore a licensing partnership whereby all the students in your school can have access Espresso English lessons, please contact me to discuss it!

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