Learn English Vocabulary: Lessons on common words

Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Collocations, and Expressions

10 Phrasal Verbs with OUT in Conversation

Learn 10 phrasal verbs with examples in English conversation. After the lesson, take the quiz to test your understanding!

8 collocations and expressions with CATCH

The word catch is used for the action in the picture above – to receive a ball (or another object) that someone throws to you. However, there are a number of other idiomatic expressions with the word catch – here are 8 of them!

Advanced English: 10 Non-Literal Idioms with THROW

throw a wrench in the works: To do something that stops an event or activity from being successful. Learn 9 more common idioms in this lesson.

7 Idioms with HOOK

Learn definitions of English idioms and slang expressions with the word “hook” – off the hook, hook up, hooked on, ring off the hook, swallow something hook, line, and sinker.

10 Phrasal Verbs in Conversation

Learn 10 English phrasal verbs from examples of everyday conversations – pull through / pull off, run into / run out of, take up / keep up, put away / throw away.

10 Phrasal Verbs with UP

Learn English phrasal verbs – act up, back up, beat up, blow up, break up, bottle up, bring up, cheer up, clean up, come up – with example sentences and practice exercise.

36 Expressions with GET

“Get” is a great word in English! It is used in so many different ways. Here are 36 common collocations with “get.”

18 Phrasal Verbs with TAKE

Learn 18 phrasal verbs with take: take after, take back, take down, take in, take out, take over, take up, and more.

Common English Idioms – Part 1  
Common English Idioms – Part 2  
Common English Idioms – Part 3

An idiom is a word or phrase with a meaning that is different from the actual words. Read the example sentences in the quiz and then choose the best answer for the meaning of each idiom. Good luck!

6 Phrasal Verbs with GET

Learn common phrasal verbs in English – get up, get out, get into, get over, get along with, get by.

Learn English Vocabulary with Pictures

15 Words for Hairstyles

Afro, Bangs, Braid, Bun, Buzz Cut, Cornrows, Dreadlocks, Layers, and more! What hairstyle do you have?

27 Ocean Words

Waves / High tide / Low tide / Undertow – “Waves” are when the water rises up and then falls onto the beach The photo shows a wave. When the wave falls, we say it breaks. Learn more about the ocean in this vocabulary lesson.

12 Geographical Vocabulary Words

Do you know the difference between a hill and a mountain? How about a river and a stream? Learn common geographical vocabulary words with these beautiful pictures!

17 Unusual House Words

You probably learned words like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen in your first year of English class. But how about these more advanced English words for parts of a house?

22 Things in the Kitchen

Learn 22 new English words for common items you use in the kitchen – spatula, rolling pin, peeler, colander, pot, plastic container, and more.

Parts of a car

Free online English lesson with pictures teaching the English words for different parts of a car – from the headlights to the bumper stickers.

Office Vocabulary

12 new English words with pictures! Learn business English vocabulary – things around the office such as stapler, tape, paper clips, folders, clipboards, pins, and more.

Women’s Clothing

Learn new English words with pictures – women’s clothing and accessories such as tank top, blouse, necklace, bra, high heels.

25 Different Types of Fruit

English Vocabulary + Pronunciation Practice: Listen and repeat the English words for 25 different types of fruit.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are divided into categories such as percussion instruments, wind instruments, stringed instruments, and keyboard instruments. Learn the English words for 12 common musical instruments – with pictures!

Practical English Speaking

How to Disagree Politely

In spoken English, just saying “I disagree” is often too direct. Most English speakers use phrases that are modified to be more polite, or indirect methods to express disagreement. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to disagree without offending anyone!

Responding to Good News

Listen to these real English phrases and repeat them to practice responding to good news.

Responding to Bad News

Say “I’m so sorry to hear that” when you hear about sickness, death, divorce, job loss, financial trouble, big disappointment, and other serious problems or pieces of bad news that can make a person very sad.

Greetings and Goodbyes

There are many different ways to say Hello and Goodbye in English. In this lesson, you’ll learn some of the most common greetings and goodbyes. The greetings are divided into three groups with appropriate responses.

Making an invitation

Here are four real English conversations to help you practice English speaking. Listen to the phrases and repeat them so that you can confidently make an invitation in English!

Campus English: Conversational Expressions

Read this English conversation between two college students, then take the vocabulary quiz to learn the meanings of new English words!

5 Informal Ways to Say “Yes” in English

Learn 5 informal ways to say “yes” with this online English lesson – with examples and audio!

5 Informal Ways to Say “No” in English 

Learn 5 informal ways to say “no” with this online English lesson – with examples and audio!

Other English Vocabulary Words

Advanced English Vocabulary: 11 Ways to Walk

Definitions and example sentences for strut, stroll, stagger, roam, traipse, mosey, pace, stride, march, shuffle, stumble, and more!

Animals Speaking English

When a cat is happy and relaxed, it makes a soft sound while breathing – this is called purring. When a cat is angry, it makes a sound like “SSSSS” – this is called hissing.

English Words: Noses and Smells

You have one nose with two nostrils. Here are some common English collocations with nose.

20 English Words about Love

Common collocations in English about love and relationships.

Financial Vocabulary Quiz

8 Things to do at the Bank

Learn what you can do at the bank with this English vocabulary lesson!

Cooking Verbs in English

Learn 10 common cooking verbs in English – with definitions and pictures!